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Student Resource Scheme and Booklists

Student Resource Scheme (SRS)​

As a service to assist parents with the cost of educational resources, our school has chosen to operate a Student Resource Scheme.
The purpose of the scheme is to provide the parent with a cost effective alternative to purchasing textbooks, resources, consumables and/or materials from elsewhere, through reduced prices gained from the school's bulk purchasing processes.
The scheme operates under the policy and guidelines of the Department of Education and Training (DET) and is approved annually by the P&C Association. The school buys in bulk to offset costs of textbooks and other resources.
Items provided by the scheme could include:
  • reproduced class workbooks
  • additional art and craft supplies
  • stationery
  • writing and drawing equipment
  • consumables and cooking materials
  • access to Mathletics, Spelling Mastery and Reading Eggs

Please note that only those students paying the SRS will have home access to our school internet based Maths and English programs, (Mathletics, Reading eggs, etc.).

Participation in the scheme is optional.  
A parent who does not wish to join the scheme is responsible for providing the student with the items that would otherwise have been provided to the student by the scheme as detailed on the Subject Requirements List, to enable the student to engage with the curriculum.  
All the documentation listed will assist a parent to make an informed decision on the benefits of participating in the scheme:
  • SRS Participation Agreement Form

Not Included
Optional school activities such as excursions; camps; performances.

Financial Hardship
Parents experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to contact the Business Manager (Finance) to discuss payment options to accommodate their circumstances.