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Please take the time to read the information in the Student resource scheme document.

Our student resource scheme is to help families get their child/ren back to school with all their learning consumables including online subscriptions.

The scheme is to provide you the parent with a cost effective value for money alternative to purchasing text books, resources, consumables and materials from elsewhere, through reduced prices from the school's bulk purchasing process.

The cost on average per student would normally be $119 per student but given how popular the scheme was last year we will be once again giving a discount to families of just over 20% which reduces the cost to $95.00 per student.


However if you do not wish to join the scheme you are responsible for providing your child/ren with the items that otherwise would have been provided by the scheme to enable your child to engage fully with the curriculum. The booklists can be found under the curriculum tab.


Please see below for the 2017 booklist for each year level. Please note the online learning component (passwords ect) will need to accompany students at the start of term one.


2017 Student resource scheme .(PDF, 685KB).pdf


2017 Booklist - Prep.pdf


2017 Booklist - Year 1.pdf


2017 Booklist - Year 2.pdf


2017 Booklist - Year 3.pdf


2017 Booklist - Year 4.pdf


2017 Booklist - Year 5.pdf


2017 Booklist - Year 6.pdf


If you cannot download the document/link linked from this page, please contact us on 3727 4222 and we will provide a copy via the school office.