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Q: What are the minimum or recommended specifications for a laptop for my child?

A: You can find the specifications here: Minimum Specs Information.pdf

Tip: If you child is transferring to high school within a year or two, it may be advisable to select a slightly higher spec laptop with an i3 or i5 CPU. This will then ensure it will work with the software that high schools utilise.

Q: Where is the best place to purchase a suitable laptops?

A: Most computer resellers will be able to assist when you visit their store or online, as long as it meets the minimum spec sheet. Alternatively, you can visit one of the portals that some retailers have setup for your convenience. The range of laptops in these portal are narrowed down to meet the specs that we ask for.BYOD Portals

Q:  Are we required to purchase Microsoft Office 365 for our child?

A: No. All Qld students are entitled to a free student version of Microsoft Office and install this on up to 5 devices. Simply go here: and sign in with the students EQ logon to download/install the software. Follow the promps as you go.

Alternatively, you can contact our Technician, Mr Riccobon at: and he will be able to assist or install it onsite.

Q: Which Antivirus software should we be using?

A: Windows 10 has AV software included and there is no need to purchase any further software. Our networks firewall is very good and protects all devices behind it.

Q: How do I protect or monitor where and what my child does on the internet/computer?

A: Here are some applications that we found great. We have excluded Norton & Trendmicor for only one reason; any underpowered computer will become even more affected by this demanding software. Both are good products but a high powered i5 CPU or higher recommended for those two.

·         Net Nanny ® $11/year for one computer or $55/year for 5
·         Eset® $50/year for 1, or $10 extra for each additional device.
·         Bark® most expensive but it covers a lot, $9/month or $99/year