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What is BYOD?

​Bring your own Device (BYOD) is a new pathway supporting the delivery of 21st century learning. it is a term used to describe a digital ownership model where students use their personally owned devices to access the department's information and communication (ICT) network. 

Access to the department's ICT netowrk is provided only if the laptop meets the department's security requirements which, at a minimum, requires that antivirus software has been installed, is running and is kept updated on the device. Windows 10 has ​Windows Defender ​built into the operating system and is more than edequate virus protection. 

We have chose to support the impolentation of a BYOD model because: 
  • BYOD recognises the demand for seamless movement between school, work, home and play
  • our BYOD program assists students to improve their learning outcomes in a contemporary educational setting
  • Assisting students to become responisble digital citizens enhances the teaching learning process and achievement of student outcomes as well as the skills and experiences that will prepare them for their future studies and careers.