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Drop Off / Pick Up Area


2 Minute Pick Up Rules

Drop-off and pick-up areas are signed with passenger loading zone signs. These signs mean you have a maximum of 2 minutes to drop off or collect your children.

When using a drop-off and pick-up area you:

  • can get out of your vehicle to quickly help your children get in and out safely (once in the signed area) - however you must not walk away from your vehicle
  • are only allowed 2 minutes in the signed area (if you take any longer you can be fined) - if your children are not ready to get straight into your vehicle at pickup time, you will need to drive round and queue to enter the area again
  • should only let your children out once you have pulled into the signed area (it is dangerous to let them out while waiting in a queue)
  • should teach your children to look out for your vehicle and to get in quickly when you pull up
  • must enter front in (never reverse)

Parking or stopping across the pedestrian crossing on Wadeville Road is definitely not allowed and you could be fined for this unsafe practice. More importantly, this endangers our crossing supervisors as well as our students and parents who are using the crossing. Please be mindful of where you stop and park.

The school has a large parent car park next to the drop off/pickup areas. Parking on the road outside of the grounds is not permitted and may result in fines.

Parking Rules Around Schools

School pedestrian crossings are provided to help students and parents to cross the road safely on the way to and from school. The crossing on Wadeville Street has crossing supervisors who stop vehicles before allowing children to cross. Drivers must slow down and stop when a pedestrian steps onto a marked crossing and drivers must give way to any pedestrian on the crossing.

Bus Service

803 - Heathwood Estate to Pallara State School

​Morning ​Afternoon
​7:55am 7.55am​ 2:42pm ​Vied Rd near Landel St
​7:55am ​Parkwood Dr near Juniper Street ​2:44pm ​Esky Rd near Kraft Rd
​7:55am ​Parkwood Dr near Acacia St 2:46pm​ ​Laxton Rd near Esky Rd
​7:55am ​Parkwood Dr near Coolibah St ​2:50pm ​Ritchie Rd near Wadeville St
7:56am ​Parkwood Dr near Laurel St ​2:53pm ​Parkwood Dr near Juniper St
​7:58am ​Ritchie Rd near De Vries Rd ​2:54pm ​Parkwood Dr near Coolibah St
7:59am ​Ritchie Rd at Ritchie - Van Dieren ​2:55pm ​Parkwood Dr near Laurel St
8:00am ​Laxton Rd near Ritchie Rd
8:05am ​Vied Rd near Landel Rd
8:08am ​Sweets Rd near Ritchie Rd
​8:11am ​Kraft Rd near Esky Rd
​8:13am ​Ritchie Rd at Pallara School