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Instrumental Music

The Instrumental Music program has been running in Queensland schools since the late 1970’s. This program allows state school student from year 5-12 to access free music lessons and play in an ensemble. Many prominent musicians have started their music experience through this program. Pallara State School has participated in the Instrumental Music Program since 2010.  


Any student in year 5-6 currently enrolled at the school is eligible to register their interest in joining the program. After completion of the recruitment program, students will be informed of their successful/unsuccessful application.

Recruitment is usually done in Term 4 of the preceding year. Generally Year 4 students continuing into Year 5 will be given a “Selmer Test” with their Classroom Music teacher. Students will then be “tested” on various instruments to determine their suitability to play the instruments. Class Teachers will also be consulted in the areas of behaviour and results in class.  The Band Teacher will use all this information to allocate instruments to selected students, to create a balanced ensemble. Letters will then be sent home to inform parents of the outcome of this process.

Students do not need any formal music training in order to be successful with their application to the program.


All Instrumental Students are given one half-hour lesson a week in a group context. In this time they are taught to play music from the Standard of Excellence music books. This improves their skills at a uniform rate across all instruments, so that all students can then perform in an ensemble (Junior Band) from Term 2. Lesson times change every week to ensure that students do not miss the same classroom subject (e.g. maths) every time. Students are expected to complete their homework(practise) each week. Students are expected to practise a minimum of 20mins, five times a week.


In the first year of tuition, instruments may be hired through the school for a fee of $60 per semester. If students continue in the program, they are expected to purchase their own instruments in their second year.

Band Involvement

All students are committed to the Junior Band from Term 2. This involves a rehearsal out of school time, before school. This is rehearsal time is used to prepare for public performances, school parades and concerts. If you would like your child to participate in the program please contact the office.

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