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School hours

8.25 am​ First Bell - Stop play and line up for class​
8.30 am​ Learning activities commence​
10.30 am​ First break - eating time​
10.45 am​ First break - play time​
10.55 am​ Stop play and line up​
11.00 am​ ​Learning activities recommence
12.50 pm​ ​Second break - eating time
1.00 pm​ ​Second break - play time
1.20 pm​ ​Stop play and line up
1.25 pm​ ​Learning activities recommence
2.30 pm​ ​School day ends

Arrival to School

Your child has a better opportunity to perform well if they arrive at school on time to prepare for the school day and formal instruction, which begins at 8.30 am. For this reason we ask all parents/carers to ensure their children arrive at school just prior to, but not later than 8.20 am. There is no designated teacher on playground duty before school although students arriving early (no earlier than 8.00 am) may sit in the under covered area. All other play areas are out of bounds before school.

Departure from school

Students are dismissed at 2.30 pm. Once dismissed, students are to proceed home according to parental instructions. Students discovering that their pick up arrangement has not occurred as planned are instructed to report to the office rather than wait unsupervised for an extended period of time.

Students arriving late

Students arriving late to school are required to report to the office with their parent or caregiver before proceeding to their classroom. The Parent/Caregiver is required to accompany the student in at the time of arrival. The student will be given a Late Slip which they are to give to the classroom teacher.

Students leaving early

Parents/carers wishing to collect students from school early are required to:

  • advise the school by note or phone of the intended early collection the day of, or prior to the day of early collection
  • report to the Administration Office upon arrival to sign the child out.